You may be wondering what’s behind the name Red Hot Mindset. What does it mean to be Red Hot?

Let’s first state the obvious reason for the name: my red hair. I formed a little club in college called the “Red Hot Club”, and the stipulation to join, of course, was that you had to have red hair.

I saw all these messages and quotes about blondes and brunettes, but nothing about redheads. We are a rare breed, a mere 2 percent of the population, after all. I was determined to put our kind on the map! That’s actually kind of funny now, but back then I thought I was a trailblazer with a cause.

The Significance of RED HOT

So Red Hot has always stuck with me. It goes deeper still, though. What does Red Hot signify? What does it have to do with mentality? Why Red Hot Mindset? Well, here’s why. In order to go through the refining process, you have to step into the fire.

The refining process is all about applying heat to draw out impurities. The heat is slowly breaking away mental barriers getting in the way of achievement. The heat is the training process. To be Red Hot means you’re willing to be put under pressure, to go through the fire, so you can come out refined and able to break down the “walls” blocking your way.

To be “refined” means we are being made new. It means we are making small, subtle changes over time. When we are in the heat of the battle, when we are going through adversities, when things get hot or uncomfortable, those are our refining moments. We are being made new. We have to be able to withstand the heat in order to come out the other side refined.

Draw Out the Imperfections

It’s interesting because silver and gold aren’t beautiful in the beginning. These metals aren’t considered “pure” before they undergo their transformation. The heat draws out the imperfections and transforms them into shiny, beautiful, and valuable objects. The refining process is what purifies an impure metal.

“Truth, like gold, is to be obtained not by it’s growth, but by washing away from it all that is not gold.” — Leo Tolstoy

I’m sure if the metal had feelings, it would hesitate getting put through the fire. It would fight it. It would whine, complain, and dislike the pressure in the moment. However, I bet when it sees its reflection afterward and the major transformation it underwent, it would tell you it was worth it.

The process of refining can take time. It doesn’t just happen overnight. It’s not an instant gratification. It takes hard work, persistence, and patience. How do you test if a metal is pure? Do you know? I learned that all you need to do is look into the metal itself because if it’s pure, you’ll be able to see a reflection of your own image in it.

What Do You See?

What do you see when you look in the mirror? What you should see is the image of God because you were made by Him in His image. He molded and shaped you. He purified you. He leads you through the fire to shape and define who you are.

A silversmith’s job is to eliminate all impurities so the metal can flourish. The silversmith draws out the metal’s purpose. The purpose was there all along, it’s always been there, but the silversmith helped fire the ugly layers off in order to see the metal’s true value.

Let God be your silversmith. Don’t be afraid of the refining process. The heat of the battle is what changes you. You cannot have victory without a fight!

So that’s the depth of Red Hot Mindset. If you come along with me, we are going to step into that fire and come out changed. This is what “refined” means to me, but I would love for you to share in the comments what “refined” means to you.

You are a winner. Just run YOUR race.

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