Mind Over Marathon / Launch

Mind Over Marathon

Launches This Fall… Get Ready!!!

Mind Over Marathon will help you:

1. Create passion and purpose in your life as you discover and develop your dreams and design a vision for your future.
2. Create clarity and eliminate confusion as you develop a unique, step-by-step game plan to crush your goals.
3. Create the ability to overcome self-doubt and fears by developing the necessary skills to build confidence in who you are and who you want to become.

After reading this book, you will be able to develop a stronger mental game so you can go boldly and confidently after your dreams!
What step is the book in right now?

It is with my formatter!!!

What still needs to happen and projected timeline:
  • Officially send book to editor — May
  • Format book — July
  • Launch team read book — August
  • Launch book for pre-sales — mid-August
  • Release book — mid-September
Interested in getting a sneak peek?

I’m looking for at least 100 people to be a part of my book launch team.

What does the Red Hot Launch Team look like?
What you’ll get:
  • Early access to Mind Over Marathon in PDF form
  • FREE e-book copy on launch day
  • Access to a private Facebook group specific to the book launch
  • Exclusive Red Hot Mindset e-mails catered to our book launch team
What I need from you:
  • Join my newsletter to stay in the know
  • Commit to reading an advance copy of Mind Over Marathon this summer
  • Give an honest Amazon or Good Reads review on release day
  • Assist me in getting Mind Over Marathon into the hands of those it could help
So, do you want to be a part of The Red Hot Launch Team?
Send me a message using the form below and tell me three things:
  • How you found Mind Over Marathon
  • Why you’re excited to read Mind Over Marathon
  • How you think you could be an asset to the Red Hot Launch Team

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