Last week I dared you to quit. I dared you to quit procrastinating, making excuses, and letting others dictate your life. Evaluating those negative influences in your life is just as important as taking inventory of the positives that you need to add to it.

I dare you to leave!

Honestly, I don’t really want you to leave. In fact, in these next few weeks, I’m taking you on a journey to crush your goals, and in order to set yourself up for success, we need to talk about the things you need to leave behind before you start. That’s what we’re talking about today.

This week I dare you to leave three things behind:

  • I dare you to leave the past in the past. 
  • I dare you to leave the unnecessary baggage behind
  • I dare you to leave negative people in the dust

One: I dare you to leave the past in the past.

I want you to quit looking at your past to determine your future. You can’t change it, so why dwell on it? I know it’s harder to do than it is to say, but successful people learn from their past and use it to propel themselves forward. They choose not to stay in the past or wallow in the “what ifs.” They take the past and the life lessons they learned and use them as launching pads to their future successes.

Did you know that dwelling on the past can keep us from our Promised Land? The Israelites wandered the wilderness for FORTY YEARS because they were stuck in their past, and that trip should have only taken them about forty days to make. They began looking back at their time as Egyptian slaves, and they began to justify the brutal life they survived. They started seeing their old life through rose-colored glasses rather than remembering the reality of their slavery.

The Israelite’s minds tricked them to remember the past as more pleasurable than it was rather than to take responsibility for their future and step into God’s call and promises for their lives. Sometimes it’s easier to be stuck in the past than to have to face our futures. 

Our past doesn’t have to dictate our future though! Choose to learn from it. Don’t forget where you came from, but don’t stay there. Step into TODAY and your FUTURE knowing that the facts — your circumstances — can change. Don’t wander in the wilderness for 40 years when your Promised Land may only be 40 days away. The past CAN’T change, but you CAN change your future.

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Two: I dare you to leave the unnecessary baggage behind. 

Don’t take that baggage of the past along with you on your journey to the future. It will only drag you down. Have you ever traveled with someone who thought she needed to pack her entire bathroom and closet? She’s slow and weighed down by her luggage. It’s hard for her to get on the airplane or into the shuttle, and she’s stuck carrying multiple bags over her shoulder because she thought she needed all that stuff.

When you’re traveling with someone like that, it’s annoying to have to wait for her to check her luggage in, or wait for it at the baggage carousel. It makes the trip longer and more tiring. You begin to get annoyed by the luggage they are dragging with them, and it becomes a barrier to a quick and easy journey to your destination.

We need to carefully select what we will bring with us on our journey. Determine if what you choose to bring will be a hindrance or a resource for you. If it’s a hindrance, if it keeps you feeling unworthy or stuck, leave it behind!

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Ask yourself a few questions to determine where your baggage is stemming from:

  • What baggage are you trying to drag with you? 
  • What’s weighing you down? 
  • What’s reminding you of your past failures or circumstances? 
  • What’s holding you back? 

Choose to get rid of the past regrets or painful memories. It’s time to clear out the physical and emotional baggage so you can move on intentionally. The baggage of the past holds us captive from our future.

Three: I dare you to leave negative people in the dust.

 Quit allowing negative friends, family, or coworkers to influence your life. Last week we talked a bit about this and not letting others dictate your life. I encouraged you to take inventory of the influences that each coworker, friend, and family member has in your life and if they are having a positive or negative affect. 

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Pretend the two of you are standing, you on the chair, and your friend on the floor. You are working to pull your friend up onto the chair with you, but your friend is trying to pull you onto the floor with her. Who do you think will win? Your friend, of course, because it’s easier to pull someone down than it is to pull them up. Your association matters more than you know.

You need to quit allowing negative friends, family members, or coworkers to influence your life IF they are having a negative impact. You may need to brush them aside for a season — or for good if they aren’t willing to change. Maybe you can’t completely eliminate them from your life (especially if you live with them), but you can consider spending less time with them.  Choose to be intentional with whom you say, “Yes,” to spending time with and ensure that time will be constructive.

Negative people, even if they are good friends or family — maybe especially if they are good friends or family — are toxic to your goals and to your life. Fill those gaps with those who encourage and support you, who offer you a positive perspective, and who make you feel better after being with them. Slowly lessen your time with negative people and add time with the positive.


I dare you to leave! I dare you to leave the past in the past, leave the unnecessary baggage behind, and to leave negative people in the dust. In order to move forward and crush your goals, you need to be willing to let go of the past and anything or anyone dragging you down.

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Dream huge, and remember, you are a winner. Just run YOUR race!

I’d love to hear from you! Leave a comment below and let me know, which of these three things will you be leaving behind this year?

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