The past two weeks I’ve encouraged you to leave and quit, and today I urge you to fail. Yup, that’s right, I DARE YOU TO FAIL!!!

I dare you to fail as many times as possible because it will produce three characteristics in your life:

  • Failure means you’re willing to start
  • Failure means you’re willing to try and adjust
  • Failure means you’re moving forward. 

One: Failure means you’re willing to start. 

You can’t fail something you never attempt. 

It’s kind of like me and the lottery. No matter how ginormous the winnings pool gets, I’ll never win. Do you know why? Because I don’t play. Now, that’s not me being negative. I can talk to myself all day long about winning the lottery. I can believe in my spirit 100 percent that I will win the lottery. I can write a goal to win the lottery in 2020. But none of those success principles will help me because I can’t win something I don’t start. 

We don’t have a chance to fail or win at something if we choose not to start. If you don’t get out on the court, you can’t fail in the game of basketball — but you also can’t win. If you don’t step across the start line of that race, you can’t fail — but you also can’t cross the finish line. If you don’t take a risk on a project at work, you can’t fail — but you also won’t find promotion. If you don’t open your heart and love, you won’t risk heartbreak — but you will also feel alone.

I’m going to go a bit further and say that if you don’t start, you automatically fail. The only definition I have of failure is not doing anything at all. Those who risk more gain more. Those who love more are blessed more. Those who give more are given more. Don’t stay on the sidelines. Step into the race of life and choose to fail as many times as you need to in order to win at your game.

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Two: Failure means you’re willing to try and adjust.  

Trying is the first step, failing is the second step, and adjusting is the third step. Failing is the fourth step. Adjusting is the fifth step. Failing is the sixth step. Adjusting is the seventh step … and that process continues until you figure it out and win because if you keep going — try, fail, and adjust, you will eventually find what works and succeed. The problem with this? Most people quit after failure number one. 

If Thomas Edison wasn’t willing to fail 1,000 times, then we may not know electricity like we do today. If Babe Ruth weren’t willing to fail 50 percent of the time, he wouldn’t be a Hall of Famer with the most home runs earned. If Martin Luther King, Jr. weren’t willing to fail and take the ridicule he did, we may not have heard or been affected by his “I Have a Dream” speech that shook the nation.

You may not think your passions or dreams can shake a nation, but they sure as ever can move somebody in your life, and if you have kids, those are the somebodys who will be affected the most.

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Three: Failure means you’re moving forward. 

This sounds strange, but it’s true. Every time you fail, you learn a way that doesn’t work, and you can start again with a fresh idea. Our failures can be our stepping stones to our goals and successes!

John Maxwell calls this dynamic “failing forward.” He says, “In life, the question is not if you will have problems, but how you are going to deal with them. Stop failing backward and start failing forward.”

The difference between average people and those who find success is their response to failure. Average people perceive failure as a negative and don’t want anything to do with it. They want to stay comfortable and avoid it at all costs. Successful people respond differently. They see failure as a learning tool, something that can grow their character and propel them forward. 

No one likes failing, but the ones who take that failure and use it are the ones who attain their goals. Are you willing to fail the most? Are you willing to fail forward? 


I dare you to quit worrying about failure. Failure is a necessary means to success, and if you’re not willing to fail, you’ll either never begin, or you’ll quit at the first sight of failure.

We need to redefine failure. When you fail, it actually means you’re willing to start, you’re willing to try and adjust, and you’re moving forward. Failure isn’t a bad thing, and it’s actually necessary on the path to success. Are you ready to fail the most if it means winning your dream?

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Dream huge, and remember, you are a winner. Just run YOUR race!

I’d love to hear from you! Leave a comment below and let me know, are you willing to allow failure to propel you forward?

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Danna Latimer
Danna Latimer

This Rings true. I’m restarting my writing “hobby” and building my author platform. I’ve tried and failed and quit a few times before. But the dream is still there. It has always been there. I don’t remember who said this to my son, but the phrase was “there are no losers only learners.” So in a way, you must DO something, FAIL at it, and finally LEARN from it.


I love this!! Dealing with failure has always been tough for me. There have been times when I almost don’e start just because of the possibility of failure. But the way that you’ve reframed this really helps. Thanks so much.

Angie Weldy
Angie Weldy

A few years ago a friend and I did a 10K and we came in last. My friend and I got a girlfriend weekend out of it and had a blast. Plus I figure I came in ahead of all the people who signed up but never showed up. 🙂


Love this! Daring to fail! When I think of how I’ve “failed” with all the new things I’m learning about blogging, I realize just how much I’ve learned as well.

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Awesome post! Keep up the great work! 🙂