I know you’ve decided on a goal for the year, and you have that dream you’ve always wanted to go after but haven’t done much about. 

These 10 disciplines we are going to talk about today are the key ingredients to achieving your goal. If you skip any of them, it’s like leaving the baking powder out of the cookie recipe … not good. 

Just like you need all the ingredients listed in a recipe to make a delicious cookie, you need all the ingredients we talk about today to make your dreams come true. You might be able to make things happen without one or two or five of the disciplines, but it will absolutely take longer and be more complicated. These 10 disciplines are the shortcut! Why not bake a delicious cookie today by following the recipe to success?

#1 Do you have a specific goal or dream written down? 

Not just in your head … is it written down and in front of you every day? Can you see it?


#2 Do you have a clear, meaningful WHY?

You need something motivating to drive you, something that will actually get you excited to get out of bed every day, something that keeps you awake at night because you’re too excited to sleep! What is your biggest motivator really?


#3 Do you have a dream board you look at every day?

Do you put pictures that symbolize your dream in front of you so they can be a focus in your daily life? The more you see them, the more apt you are to go after them. Keep them top of mind!


#4 Do you have affirmations you speak over yourself daily?

Affirmations alone won’t get you to the finish line, but you better believe they will help you gain the self-confidence you need to take the action that will drive you to your goal!


#5 Do you have a plan in place to work toward your goal?

A plan. A plan provides direction and a starting ground. When you have a plan you have something to reflect on and make tweaks and adjustments to. A dream is just a wish without a plan and action backing it.


#6 Are you on a personal growth journey?

If you aren’t willing to grow yourself, you’ll never leave the place you’re at. Do you take the time to read or listen to success audios, or take courses to continue your education? 


#7 Do you have a positive association to grow in?

Who are you surrounding yourself with? Do they uplift you, support you, and encourage you? Are they growing themselves and excited about life? Do you feel better about yourself after you leave them than when you arrived?


#8 Do you have an accountability partner?

Who do you hold yourself accountable to? If you don’t have someone to answer to, you’ll likely quit or never start. You’ll cave to the excuses rather than overcoming the circumstances that surround you. An accountability partner supports you differently because you now have something to strive for. You don’t want to let her down.


#9 Do you have a coach?

A coach can speak into your life unlike anyone else. She can provide the tough love that we need to get going and keep going until we get the job done. A coach sees things about you that you can’t see and can guide you through the process because most likely she’s been through it.


#10 Are you bold about your goals?

Do you share your goals? Do you speak them out loud? Are you willing to let others know what you’re doing? There’s no shame in dreaming and going after those dreams. Don’t be afraid of others and what they think. The only approval you need is your own! Go after that goal with all of your heart and shout it from the mountaintops! Once you speak it out loud and others hear it, it’s harder to give up on yourself because now you have something to prove.


10 disciplines that are easy to do and also easy not to do.

Ten disciplines that are the driving force to accomplish your 2020 vision.

Now I ask you, how many of these 10 things are you doing toward your dream? 


These 10 disciplines make up the formula for success in goal setting! How many of these things can you check off the list? How many are you doing right now? Which ones do you need to add? Get honest with yourself and figure out how to incorporate the disciplines in your life that you are not currently doing. This is the recipe for success. It’s the recipe to your dreams coming true!

I’ve created a PDF checklist that you can download to use as a reminder for the 10 most important things that create momentum in your life as you work toward achieving your dreams.


Do you need an accountability partner or a positive atmosphere?

Join us in our FREE online community where we encourage and support each other and have a space to ask good questions and grow! 

Dream huge, and remember, you are a winner. Just run YOUR race!

I’d love to hear from you! Leave a comment below and let me know, how many of these 10 disciplines are you currently doing?

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