How do we empower our children to dream?

I want to instill a mental toughness into my kids, and I want them to know how to win.

In May we took a fabulous family vacation to Lake Tahoe after my oldest son’s Nationals Gymnastics Competition. It was an incredible time for all of us. Ethan and I decided to take advantage of the gorgeous views and film some videos.

Ethan is an Elite Gymnast and has developed an incredible winner’s mindset at an early age. His drive and mental toughness always inspire me to be better.

After all, we were in a fantastic landscape! So why not take advantage? What a fun opportunity to share together! We shared about the top 3 things a parent can do to instill a HUGE dream into their children. This is all about how to empower them with the right tools to accomplish that dream!

If you’re a parent, you have a responsibility to draw your kiddos’ gifting out of them and build them up to do big things.

What’s the secret sauce of it all? It starts with you.

And, remember, you are a winner. Just run YOUR race!

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