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Accomplish your big goal in 12 weeks

Group Coaching Program

Red Hot Accountability Group

featuring the Red Hot Formula

12-week program

What Are the Benefits For You???

  • You’ll know how to create self-motivation when you need it most.
  • You’ll be able to attack the goals you’ve been putting off.
  • You’ll have more energy and passion in your everyday life.
  • You’ll create disciplines and habits you can and will stick to in years to come.
  • You’ll be able to use the formula again and again as you go after new goals.

Need One-On-One Coaching?

Accountability & Mindset Coaching Options

Red Hot Power Hour

If you need a pep talk!

One-time Power-Packed Breakthrough Session (1 hour)

Red Hot Accountability (Monthly)

If you need accountability!

One 60-min coaching call each month

Red Hot Accountability (Weekly)

If you need mentorship!

45-min weekly coaching calls & daily access to me via Voxer

Red Hot Accountability (Via Voxer)

If you need an everyday coach!

Your pace, your time, a big-picture level of accountability.


Speaking Menu

Hire Gabe for Special Events!

"The Red Hot Formula"

10 Proven Steps to Crushing Your Goals

Learn my specific method for goal setting and creating disciplines to accomplishing your big goal in 12 weeks.

"Break Through Your Wall"

The Athlete's Formula for Success

Understand what your “wall” is and how to overcome any obstacle that may stand in the way of your finish line. Learn the tactics on how to become mentally tough in your training.

"Dream, Plan, Achieve"

The Art of Goal Setting

Rediscover the power of your dreams and learn how to design a unique game plan and a vision for your future. Find out how to best position yourself to crush your goals while in the action mode.

"Raising Big Dreamers"

Why Our Kids Need to See Us Win

We are our children’s best example, and we can have a positive impact in their success. Learn the keys to drawing out their giftings and help them pursue their passions.

"Speak Up"

Positive Self Talk

Learn the art of self-affirmation and why it is an important ingredient to your personal success. Understand how to retrain your brain to overcome your negative thoughts and bring you closer to your goals.

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