In the past couple of weeks, we’ve talked about why it’s important to find joy in the journey and why we need to stay on the path. Today we are focusing on being prepared for the journey and trusting the process.

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The journey can be long and grueling, so it’s best to prepare for it beforehand. A few things we need in our backpack just in case:


We need to plan our route and have an idea of where we are going. Our path may not turn out exactly how we planned, but it’s best to have a route drawn out.


The weather can change, and the outlook can drastically turn at any moment, and we need to be prepared. Just on our drive to Lake Tahoe from Minnesota for our family vacation, we experienced all types of changes. It started out chilly but sunny, turned to rain, changed to a blizzard, and just like that, it was sunny and 75 degrees! It may be sunny and hot, so sunglasses, a hat, and a tank are a must (don’t forget the sunscreen, you don’t want to get burned), but it could cloud over and get chilly, so a sweatshirt is also necessary to pack. But it can also rain or snow at any given moment, so a rain jacket or windbreaker is important too. There will be easy times, and there will be difficult times along the way, and preparing for either is crucial.

First Aid Kit

Let’s be real, bumps and bruises will happen throughout the journey. If we have neosporin and Bandaids, we can patch them up, and they can heal quickly so we can move on. The wounds in our journey could be naysayers who tell us we’re not good enough. They could be physical walls blocking our path. They could be family emergencies that we need to deal with. In our first aid kit, there should be someone we can call to lean on who will encourage us and push us through the inevitable injuries.


We have to stay hydrated and nourished to last the journey. The more we fuel our bodies with nutritious meals or snacks, the more energy and health we will maintain. Fuel for our journey comes in our self-development through books, podcasts, mentors, and cheerleaders. These tools and people will fill us up so we have something to give. Our tank needs to continually remain full through the journey, otherwise when doubts and fear come — and they will — we will back down because we weren’t prepared to deal with them.


Remember how we talked about finding joy in the journey? We need to make sure to enjoy all the breathtaking views along the way, otherwise we’re missing out. It’s important to track our journey and keep record of it. If we do this, then when we make it to the summit or goal, we can look back and see where we came from. It’s necessary not to lose the roots of who you were because when your journey’s complete, you’ll look back and hardly recognize yourself. If you keep pictures or have a journal to log the ups and downs, you can take those and grow yourself even more, learn from yourself, and, more importantly, understand how to bring someone along with you the next time.

That’s a long list!

You may not need everything you pack for the journey, but if you do happen to need it, you’ll be glad you have it. 

Preparation is key!

Preparation is everything. We have to have a plan before we embark on our journey. However, we also need to be flexible and understand that plans sometimes need to change. We should have a back up plan or two or three just in case.

When you’re prepared enough, it’s time to get on with it and begin your journey to your goal. Don’t wait until you “feel” 100 percent prepared or you’ll never start. Pack your bags, ensure you’re filled up, and get going!

Now it’s time to trust the process.

There are times throughout our journey where we will feel like we’re not progressing, where the results aren’t coming, where we will question where we are going. There will be times when it feels like it’s not worth it. But don’t make the mistake of looking at the results too early. If you trust the process, stay the path, and are prepared, you will succeed.

I believe luck is preparation meeting opportunity. If you hadn’t been prepared when the opportunity came along, you wouldn’t have been lucky. — Oprah Winfrey, successful talk show host

What other tools can you think of that we need for the journey toward our dreams? Are you willing to prepare for your journey? Are you willing to trust the process?

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I won’t lie, the journey isn’t easy, but it’s always worth it. Prepare for it and trust that the process will work for you because, if you work it, you will make your goals happen!

And, remember, you are a winner. Just run your race!

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